Shades and Reflections is a collection of random thoughts.This is my effort towards making a positive contribution to the society and in the process enriching myself. : Piyush Mordia

2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a blog of my observations and reflections.The stream of thoughts which have remained unexpressed in some corner of my mind and waited with utmost eagerness to come out, to get revealed and expressed, have received a medium through my blog. Sharing shades and reflections gives me a strong sense of solace and fulfillment .
    Piyush Mordia


  2. Respected blogger,It has been a couple of weeks since your last post on this blog. I wonder if it were my comments that have, inadvertently, upset you & made you stop writing. I sincerely apologize if this was the case, though I never had any intention to offend anyone& just wrote whatever was really felt by me. …I now realize that the blog must not have been, originally, intended to be read or responded to by commoners & laymen like me. I shdn’t have had the audacity to have done that in the first place.I, therefore, request you to, please, delete all the comments that had been ever made by me, & assure you that henceforth i shall neither follow your blog nor trouble you ever again by posting any comments. BUT PLZ KEEP WRITING. With profoun respectful regards & good wishes always,
    V. Ponder


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